Koffie-Robust Almond Toffee Crumbly Bumblys – 8oz Bag




Our CRUSHED Koffie-Robust Almond Toffee Crumbly Bumblys comes in a 8oz bag.  We call this “the Caviar“, using Pete’s recipe, developed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A truly amazing blend of butter, sugar, almonds, and whole dark roast coffee beans.  Topped with a properly balanced 51% dark chocolate and chopped pecans.We add coffee crystals and whole dark roast beans from our fave Seattle micro-roastery. ** GLUTEN-FREE  **

The best part?

Crafted in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at 7011 ft.Elev. not far from the WORLD-FAMOUS Red Rocks Amphitheater

It also comes with a Red Rocks Toffee mini magnet.

All our products are certified Kosher by The Scroll K/ Vaad Hakashrus of Denver