In the marketing industry, it’s called co-branding, we call it CO-branding, as in COLORADO Branding.

Some toffee companies drop their products into a simple bag with minor adornments and, although very cost effective, it doesn’t fit with our idea of a product that has such tradition and history. That is why our toffee, poly-sealed, then packaged in a crisp white box with a light butter-yellow wrapper label, has a distinct clean look with a very traditional feel.

Our wrapper label is made so we can easily swap out graphics with those of a customer’s. We put the customer’s logo/information on the top part of the label. Our co-branding has been appreciated by the forward-thinking customers who have made use of the service.   

We can do this for YOU!  Simply commit to buying at least 25 boxes and a little head-start time, and next you’re cruising down that SUNNY marketing-recognition-avenue.

Examples for this: corporate gift giving, business to business promotions, school/nonprofit fundraising, weddings and events of all kinds.

The link below will take you to our sister art; framing/mounting/graphics/output company.

Red Rocks Toffee Logo file upload