Recipes and Cool Ideas

This is where it starts!

 Our customers and friends claim that the most amazing attribute of our toffee, beyond its deliciously full almond flavor, is the texture. It’s even been described as fluffy. We think that’s wild. Cooking at over 7,000 ft. elev. certainly has a huge bearing on the toffee being so special.  It’s just so cool to work in the foothills of Colorado.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Drinks to enjoy with Red Rocks Toffee:

  1.  Coffee, we suggest a dark roast, rich coffee.
  2.  Bourbon, Irish and Scotch whiskeys.  Sip along with your crunchy, nutty, almondy toffee.  Thank you Elizabeth Celtic Festival.
  3.  Porter. The beerish variety.  The velvety texture and nuttiness of flavor, truly is a sensual meandering that is beyond cool.
  4. Red Wine. We recommend a deep, full bodied wine.

Team players that bring out more – Red Rocks Toffee:

  1. Sea salt.  This is certainly an interesting item to add, very personal in nature, it represents an important link to the basics of food flavors. Our friend Tisha thinks we should add another product to our singular product line, one that features sea salt added, what do you think?  We love the flavors it enhances and inflames.  This is the most basic, and THE MOST INCREDIBLE, give it try yourself.
  2. Ice Cream. When you’re getting down to the bottom of the contents of your package, take those little chunks and crumbs of toffee, nutmeats and chocolate, and sprinkle on your best vanilla ice cream.  Yes, sell my clothes, I am going to heaven.
  3. Chocolate cake.  Sprinkle on the icing, and/or add to the cake batter.  The little crunchy bits inside the soft cake, a fun and exciting textural climax.
  4. Plain New York Style Cheesecake.  Crust the top with crushed toffee. Simple and amazing.

5. Hold on, sit down….yes…   crispy, well cooked, B A C O N!

6. Chipotle chili pepper, suggested by a  a neighbor, Carole Ann.  Thanks!  Try it, really good.

What’s next?   We would love to hear from you and take your enjoyment to a whole new level, and the enjoy of our other friends.  Ideas, suggestions, give us a call, send an email, we look forward to listening.

We can’t give you the specifics on temperatures, quantities (we’ve been told we have have a higher than standard almond ratio) , timing, etc., but know that cooking at over 7000 elev. like we do, would help significantly.  Regardless,  an ingredients list is available HERE on this website.

If you are an adventurous candy maker and would like to give toffee making a try, here’s a few recipes that we think might give you some good results.  Feel free to give us a call, we’d enjoy talking with you as you explore your sweet passions

A southern twist that blows our minds. The Pecan….the noblest of American nut-meats!