Our Happy Story

Panorama of Steamboat ski resort, Colorado

While living in Steamboat Springs in 2006, a friend made some toffee from a church cookbook, and knowing I love to cook, bake and experiment with my cooking, shared it with me. It was very good, but it didn’t blow my mind. I asked for the recipe, and not knowing what I was doing at all, began the whimsical trials to make a toffee that was indeed mind-blowing. Having achieved some success with high-altitude baking, I wandered a touch with some of the elements and was able to come up with a winner after a few experiments. This is the point where it all began with the Steamboat Toffee Company. The fun part, I had no trouble finding friends and foodies who would test the toffee (and continue to do so in the name of quality assurance). It was with their encouragement, and perhaps their desire to have a ready supply of superior toffee available, that we ended up with the palate-symphony we have today. The summer of 2016 saw me moving to Denver (Littleton)  full-time, and knowing I had a proven winner product in my hands, I launched the new brand — Red Rocks Toffee Company.

Many thanks to Tyler, for your friendship and painstaking oversight in the technical and happy face we’ve built right here!!   You’re a good man.


Our customers and friends claim that the most amazing attribute of our toffee, beyond its deliciously full almond flavor, is the texture. It’s even been described as fluffy. We think that’s wild. Cooking at higher than 7,000 feet elevation certainly has a huge bearing on the toffee being so special. Some toffee companies drop their products into a simple bag with minor adornments and, although very cost effective, it doesn’t fit with our idea of a product that has tradition and history.

That is why our toffee, poly-sealed, then packaged in a crisp white box with a butter-yellow wrapper label, has a distinct clean look with a very traditional feel. Our wrapper label is made so we can easily swap out graphics with those of a customer’s. We put the customer’s logo/information on the top part of the label. Our co-branding has been appreciated by the forward-thinking customers who have made use of the service. Examples for this: corporate gift giving, business to business promotions, school/nonprofit fundraising, weddings and events of all kinds. We’re happy to be approximately 5 miles from Red Rocks Amphitheater. Yes, ours is truly BLUE RIBBON TOFFEE,  our toffee was a blue-ribbon award winner at the Routt County fair, in northwest Colorado.


We sell our packaged product directly out of our location just off U.S. 285 and online, and the opportunity to meet our customers and make new friends, face-to-face and get their reactions and opinions, is certainly the best aspect. It is a thrill to learn how they are enjoying our toffee, getting our vibe, understanding our mission and grooving on how we do business. As people come in, we have been able to meet many of our neighbors from the foothills and beyond, and we are very encouraged by their helpful kindness. They have been thoroughly supportive.

In the past, we would have to rent time in a commissary kitchen and dealt with the complications and costs of such an arrangement.  Last fall, we built our own toffee kitchen in our location. It is such a thrill to have our own fun work space, that we had the floor painted a bright yellow, reflecting our enthusiasm!


As we begin to gain traction in our neighborhood — Jefferson County and west metro — and accordingly, our trade increases, our greatest challenge is to keep our careful attention on the quality of our work. It’s the same for any brand of business — maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction as the business progresses. It is our taste and texture that keeps our friends coming back for more and we certainly wish to keep those smiles happening.

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 I had never made candy of any sort until I began the experiments leading to this recipe of recipes. I’ve come to realize my inspiration for the toffee comes from my love of smoke cooking and BBQ, where flavors are bold, primary and uncomplicated and lean to the darker side of the spectrum. I have been a software contractor, furniture and wood products manufacturer, musician, picture framer, cemetery grounds person, display manufacturer, futon manufacturer, finance accounts person, fiberglass molding production manager and BBQ restaurant cook and server. I ride a unicycle when prodded, but don’t juggle well.  I cherish my friends and family, their care and love has sustained me through the relocation and launching of this new brand.

Thank you Julie, my love, I wouldn’t have any of this success without you!  🙂

And finally, Thank YOU for ENJOYING our toffee, SHARING our passion and  we certainly look forward to meeting you and SMILING!