We are happy to work with many types of community, school and service groups.  We love being able to offer a locally made, boutique style of product, made to the highest of good-confectionery standards and exemplary taste. Yes, the good guys do win, we’ll always do our best to help that happen!

Our passion is building a better community with our neighbors and helping in fun-draising, keeping it FUN, ,exciting and seeing all efforts pay off with local projects’ goals being fulfilled.


We love to personalize our toffee, for business gift giving, fundraising and events.  WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for adding your logo/info/message.  Simply, commit to buy 12 or more boxes and a little head-start time, and away we go!

In the marketing industry, it’s called co-branding, we call it CO-branding, as in COLORADO Branding.  That’s certainly one of the reasons we’re a participant in the Colorado Department of Agriculture program, Colorado Proud.